The summer of 2020 is something that will be a topic of discussion and reflection for decades to come.
And once again, as in the past, black artists have risen to the challenge of expressing the intersection of their experience with these current times.

Stepping into the footsteps of artists before them, today's black artists have created powerful and stimulating work for this time.
Through the generous sponsorship of the Charlotte Street Foundation, I present to you Black Summer 2020.
This exhibition was the result of a social media outreach to artists to submit their work for a virtual exhibition. Some of the work is brand new and some of the work was created previously but has found a new relevance in today's climate.
My hope is that in addition to finding aesthetic enjoyment from this work that it would evoke reflection, conversation, self-confrontation and change that would assist in the eradication of the ills of racism, oppression, and disenfranchisement in our world.
I would like to thank the Charlotte Street Foundation for their support and you, the viewer, for visiting this exhibition.
Harold Smith